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Rangeland Foods Limited is a beef burger manufacturer operating in Co. Monaghan, Ireland since 1982. We are Ireland’s #1 producer of premium quality gourmet, pre-flamed and quick service frozen burgers for the food service market. Customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and lean manufacturing are central to our business. This means that even with 30 years of experience as one of Ireland’s leading beef burger suppliers, we continue to improve and grow.

We are a family-owned and -operated business, that respects all our stakeholders, community, employees, farmers, suppliers, consumers and the environment. Honesty and integrity are fundamental values in all our business dealings, and we pride ourselves in upholding these values in every aspect of our company and work.

Customers & Distribution

If you are from outside of Europe, please get in touch, and we will do our best to find a solution for you.


At Rangeland, we ask what we can do for you, our customer, in your market. We are experienced international food service specialists, and our customers are guaranteed stress-free supply, innovative, bespoke product development and problem solving, backed by our wealth of experience as Ireland’s leading beef burger producer.


Our growing success is manifested by our expanding bussiness


We have product advisors at hand, that are tapped into and based across the European market, so that we know both, what works and what sells. Rangeland is sure to find a solution for you. Our frozen Irish beef burger range includes traditional home-made style, hand-shaped, extra lean & Halal approved products.

Rangland Foods - Patties

Burger Patties

With over 150 different burgers in our range, 35 different portion sizes and 80% of our products are custom-made to individual customer requirements.

“We design your burger to your needs!”
Rangland Foods - Strips

Steak Range

Juicy steak options for your needs: Beef strips
Made from top quality whole beef muscle, carefully aged before being marinated to create incredibly tender beef strips that do not pull away in your mouth.

Philly Steak
We’ve cooked up a true American classic with our authentic Philly Cheese Steak.

Custom Made Products

We design your burger to your needs

Meat Category – Meat Cut – Meat Content & Seasoning –Texture – Portion Size – Beef Burger Formats – Shape of the Patty – Cooking System


We only work with Irish meat and these are the reasons why:

  • We can trace each meat cut back to the farm
  • Short distance between farm and slaughter house
  • Cattle are grass-fed
  • We know the farmers

Quality First

Rangeland has developed a “5 Lock” Food Safety System to guarantee quality, consistency and safety for our customers:



Rangeland is committed to strategies and activities that meet the needs of the business and our customers today, while protecting, sustaining and enhancing the human and natural resources that will be needed in the future.


Capital initiatives in this company are co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Ireland under the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020.

Project Aims: To upgrade existing production facilities with the purchase of modern equipment.
Project Results: Increased quality, productivity and product export will be achieved as a result of this investment.

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A team of expert product advisors are available for your enquiries



Rangeland Foods Ltd

Lough Egish, 
Castleblayney Co. Monaghan, 
A75DN28, Ireland

Tel: + 353 (42) 9745132
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