Quality First

Quality checks in production

At Rangeland, we have built our business on delivering target quality products to our customers every time.

This is achieved by rigorous controls at all stages of the supply chain.
From approved raw material suppliers to our approved hauliers, the focus is on building quality at every step.

Rangeland operates a positive release system

The finished product undergoes a series of microbiological tests to ensure food safety.
– • –
Up to 51 verification checks are completed on every batch to ensure the safety, consistency and reliability of our products.
– • –
Daily independent DNA testing guarantees the integrity of the beef used. DNA certification is available to all customers on request.

In 2013 Rangeland developed a “5 Lock” Food Safety System for our meat supplies to guarantee quality, consistency and safety for our customers:

1. Sourcing of Raw Material

At Rangeland, we only source from local meat plants. All meat is of Irish origin.

2. Quality of Raw Material
3. Transport of Raw Material
4. Inspection of Raw Material
5. Certification of Finished Goods


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