Rangeland Foods – the problem solvers

Key to our continued success is our passion for problem solving through innovation. By continually tracking and implementing emerging technologies we know we can deliver the best possible solutions for our customers. Our technologists and engineers travel all over the world learning about the latest developments in meat processing and bringing this technology back to our factory. Similarly, our product advisors work directly with our customers in their kitchens so that we are on top of new trends or issues in foodservice.

Once we understand the challenges our customers face, we can put the full weight of our experience and technology into finding a solution.

Some of the solutions we offer include:

Operational Improvements: consistent problem-free cooking, faster service time, waste reduction through extended shelf life and portion control, skill reduction

Menu Development: our specialist chefs provide menu development support from detailed marketing brief

Cost reduction: For Rangeland client we achieved 26% reduction in cost without noticeable quality downgrade

New product innovation: designed “butcher style” burger for our client that tastes just like fresh but has all the operational benefits of frozen

Cost reduction through innovation…….

Our facility operates at the forefront of new technologies with an automation system found nowhere else in Europe. For us, innovation is about creating new and better ways of delivering value for customers, on time and on budget. That’s why lean manufacture and process automation are central to our cost reduction strategy. We believe that investing in state of the art automation enables us to achieve long term cost benefits for our customers.

Come and visit us at our plant today, so that we can show you exactly why Rangeland continues to grow into new markets, meet new customers, solve new problems and create new and exciting products.