At Rangeland, we have built our business on delivering target quality products to our customers every time. This is achieved by rigorous controls at all stages of the supply chain. From approved raw material suppliers to our approved hauliers, the focus is on building quality at every step.

Rangeland operates a positive release system. The finished product must have passed a series of microbiological tests prior to release to the customer.

Up to 51 verification checks are completed on every batch to ensure the safety, consistency and reliability of our products.

Daily independent DNA testing guarantees the integrity of the beef used. DNA certification is available to all customers on request.

In 2013 Rangeland developed a “5 Lock” Food Safety System to guarantee quality, consistency and safety for our customers:

1)    Sourcing of Raw Material

At Rangeland we only source from local beef plants. All beef and lamb used is of UK and Irish origin

2)    Quality of Raw Material

All of Rangeland’s approved suppliers have signed our comprehensive beef supply agreement with exact guidelines on our detailed cut specification, product security, labeling requirements and traceability.

3)    Transport of Raw Material

We buy beef directly from our approved suppliers. Once the beef is ready for processing we transport the raw material directly to Rangeland in sealed containers. We do not use third party warehouses to store this raw material. On arrival, any pallets of beef showing evidence of tampering will be rejected and returned to the supplier.

4)    Inspection of Raw Material

Rangeland employs a full time meat inspector to monitor and control the quality of beef entering the plant. All beef entering the factory goes through both visual and x-ray inspections before it is allowed enter the production line. Consignments of beef not adhering to our exact specification will be rejected.

5)    Certification of Finished GoodsIrish beef logo

Rangeland conducts multiple verification checks on all batches. This includes species testing (in independent laboratory), product quality checks and full traceability back to the farm. DNA certification is obtained for all products prior to release to customer.