Rangeland Philly Steak

We’ve cooked up a true American classic with our authentic Philly Cheese Steak. Made from Rangeland’s marinated beef muscle that is carefully aged for incredibly tender beef slices that break apart easily on the grill. Juicy, gristle free and cook in only 3 minutes. The Philly Steaks are IQF and portion controlled, meaning absolutely no wastage. Although we call it a Philly Steak, this refreshingly versatile product can also be used as the main ingredient in a number of hot beef dinners.

Ingredients: Beef (86%), Marinade (Water, Dextrose, Milk Protein, Lactose, Stabiliser (E451, E452), Salt, Sunflower Oil, Starch, Natural Flavouring).

Allergen Information: Contains Lactose and Milk Protein

Cooking Tips:
Cook beef steak on a flat plate grill, heated to 177ºC for 3 minutes, turning after 90 seconds. While beef is cooking fry up green and red pepper slices with chopped onions. Break the cooked beef steak apart using a spatula and mix with the vegetables. Cover the mixture with American or Provolone cheese and allow to melt before serving in a freshly toasted white roll.

Product Code Meat Content Portion size (ounces) Portion size (grams) Units per Case Cases per Pallet
50499 86% 3.5oz 100g 24 x 100g 312