30 years of Lean Manufacture and continual investment in process automation allows us to pass cost savings on to our customers

At Rangeland, we have been supplying quick service restaurants with consistent quality, beef and lamb meal ingredients since 1982. Our years of food service experience as one of Ireland leading beef suppliers allow us to support cost saving for our customers without any compromise on quality. In fact, our frozen beef and lamb products are so consistent that even untrained labour produces quality results every time. Rangeland Foods, one of Ireland‘s leading beef and meat suppliers, were the first company producing beef burgers on the Irish market.

When it comes to cooking consistent quality fast food; we understand the business better than anyone else. Increasingly hectic schedules mean that consumers require fast, efficient service otherwise you risk losing business to the competition. As one of Ireland’s leading beef wholesalers, we have manufactured our range of Irish beef burgers with this demand in mind. Our products are minimally processed to give a juicer end result and a substantially faster cook time.

If you are looking for an experienced Irish beef supplier get in touch with our team today and see for yourself how all of our 100% Irish beef burgers and steaks are not only operationally easy to prepare but are specifically manufactured to ensure the fastest cook times, the best taste, the shortest queue, lowest energy cost and lowest labour cost.