Don’t want to invest in new and expensive cooking equipment? With Rangeland Foods you don’t have to.

We know that serving large quantities of food can be a stressful operation and issues in your kitchen can have a direct impact on your bottom line. At Rangeland we love solving your problems. Over 30 years’ of experience in the industry means that once we hear about your issues, we can design a product that offers an immediate solution. From 5 Star hotels to chip shops; contract caterers to international restaurant chains– we cater to all ends of the market.

Effective contract catering involves being able to adapt to any cooking situation. That’s why all of our products are designed to suit every cooking system. Whether you’re working with a plate grill, a Neico broiler or just a standard combi oven; our products are guaranteed to cook quickly and predictably.

Ask a member of our team today how we can simplify your serving situation. With Rangeland, you don’t adapt your kitchen to us rather, our products adapt to you – Thus ensuring our Irish beef burgers are not only effortless to prepare but also profitable for our customers.