How can Rangeland help you make €10,000 per hour at a music festival, football game or other special events?

Whether you are catering for the avid festival goer or the hungry soccer fan, renting pitch space is expensive and competition is extreme. So, how can you ensure you cover your costs and turn a profit?

At Rangeland, we understand that every ounce of competitive advantage counts and slow moving queues lead to lost profit. That’s why we design quality Irish beef burgers that optimise your limited cooking space for high volume output. Speed of service, reliability of product and quality of food served are major factors in turning a profit when pitch prices can be so high.

Our delicious, pre-flamed ovenable Irish beef burgers and oven rack system enable our customers to cook and serve 1,000 burgers per hour in a standard Combi oven. Don’t have an oven? No problem. Our frozen beef burgers are designed to cook quickly and predictably in any application. They can also be prepared in advance and held in hot stock in preparation for half time.

Get in touch today and find out how we can help make your event run smoother. Not only will we be able to recommend a quality product, we can also advise on how to optimise your volume output using limited space and untrained staff.